Promoting economic growth of renewable energy infrastucture.

An international renewable energy operator focused on sustainable project development and profitable investments. With a proven expertise and track record in the whole project lifecycle, we collaborate with local and international stakeholders to provide the best reliable and profitable investment products. 30 years of experience as a renewable energy ipp company. With more than 800 MW of carried out projects in Italy and 5193MW under pipeline in the rest of the world.


“An Italian Company with a focus on consultancy, development and management of renewable energy plants”

Born in 1993 as an engineering consultant, today EN.IT is an independent electric power producer, focused on renewable energy. The group finances, builds, and manages renewable energy plants in selected international markets, with a clear focus on solar, wind, biomass and green hydrogen.

We are characterized by having a Flexible Business Model which is diversified within 3 different areas of operation:

Greenfield project development and authorization processes, aimed at achieving ready-to-build projects.

Design, Financing and Construction of “turnkey” projects for the subsequent sale and/or direct management.

Acquisition and management of existing power plants and direct sale of electric power.


EN.IT’s main strategy is investing in profitable green energy infrastructure projects, and developing, constructing and managing power generation, transmission and distribution systems. Our group focuses its attention upon economies with stable legal frameworks, off-take counterparties with excellent credit ratings, high energy prices and rising local energy demand. The experience we gained in our years of operation allowed us to build strong connections with the best players in the market and adopt proven technologies from well-respected providers.


EN.IT’s work plays a significant role in the climate change, which gives us the opportunity to establish ourselves as leading providers of clean energy. The long-term ambition that our Group pursues include the development and expansion of the global clean energy market. Our main goal is to help stakeholders, communities and countries in their energy transition, through a significant contribution on political, social, economic, and structural issues. We will continue investing in sustainable ways of producing energy through a responsible business management.


EN.IT is an entrepreneurial team of 30 professionals from different nations, with an average of 20 years of experience in project development, finance, design, and management.

EN.IT’s team has successfully completed more than 100 large-scale renewable energy projects in 22 countries, with a transaction volume of more than 4.3 billion euros. In addition, outstanding management capabilities, know-how and experience, combined with a strong network of energy suppliers, EPC operators, O&M contractors, components suppliers, financial partners, renowned consultants and lawyers, complete EN.IT’s expertise and portfolio.

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