We collaborate with partners across countries and across sectors to ensure a concrete decarbonization path.


At EN.IT, choosing the right land is the first step to a successful project. We therefore attach vital importance to the relationship with our landowners for a collaborative approach from the first contact until the decommissioning of the project. We are very keen to establish a strong and direct relationship with the landowners and we follow the negotiations in person to find an agreement that satisfies both parties.

Our team of experts takes care of the development from the first land search to the feasibility study, contact and relationship with landowners and public institutions, to maximize revenue and power production efficiency.

Moreover, we attach great importance to the choice of the site for the construction of our plants to ensure the least possible environmental impact. Each project complies with the preservation of the environment and the conditions required by local communities and public authorities.


Over the past 20 years, we have developed a very professional business network, which enables us to carry out project development from the beginning to network connection and subsequent project operation and management. As we have a very flexible business model, we are always engaged in new negotiations with experienced consultants, local and international contractors, equipment suppliers and service providers.

Moreover, we engage with power purchasers as they play a key role in our business development strategy. As our renewable energy portfolio keeps growing, we continue to engage in collaborations with international corporate entities, which in the past have successfully signed PPAs for as much as 20 years. Our primary objective is to ensure the efficient and effective provision of renewable power and satisfy each specific customer’s net zero emission goals needs.

In addition, we take part in the decarbonization plans of various developing countries through ad hoc projects, thanks to our internal project development team that engages directly with public and governmental institutions.


In our relationships with investors and all market participants in the financial community, we ensure maximum transparency, creating value for our stakeholders and making them part of our commitment to the energy transition. Our main objective is creating bankable solutions in order to satisfy diverse investment entities and ensuring them a fair return on our renewable energy opportunities.

Through our extensive experience in the industry, we develop projects with the aim of maximizing efficiency and reducing design, construction and operational costs, so that we can offer a product suitable for the most challenging markets. Our team of experts works with the largest due diligence companies to validate results and minimize financial risks to ensure a solid return on investment.

At EN.IT, flexibility is the key to a successful project, so every renewable energy project is unique. We take each individual investment strategy seriously and, together with the client, find country- and project-specific financial solutions.


At EN.IT, an efficient and effective renewable energy project development process is essential to achieve the expected result. Our aim is to unlock the full potential of all our assets, through dynamic, multi-sector management to ensure compliance with risk criteria, maintain high operability, reduce design, construction and operational costs, and ensure a return on investment.

Through our team of engineers, we study and plan energy efficiency systems for our renewable energy projects and combine our know-how with important partners that ensure advanced engineering and the concrete feasibility of our assets by designing, constructing and operating complex infrastructures and plants.

As we have a dynamic approach within our design, construction, and operation teams, we collaborate with partners through continuous feedback in order to meet agreed project deadlines. We are always open and interested in working with local teams, to bring value to our projects and the local area, and to create new and lasting partnerships for future developments.